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Family Law – Property Settlement

The same laws about property apply whether or not you were married, or in a de facto relationship (whether with a partner of the opposite sex or the same sex). You can start negotiations about property as soon as the marriage or relationship has broken down.

New Bill aims at protecting Australian primary producers

The introduction of the Bill is a step towards protecting Australian farmers and agricultural businesses from trespass or property damage/theft incited through the online distribution of activist materials.

New Drink Driving Laws

It is said the Road Transport Legislation Amendment (Penalties and Other Sanctions) Bill 2018, which came into effect in NSW on 20 May 2019, is part of this policy, designed to drive – no pun intended – the road trauma toll towards zero.

Freedom of Speech and Employment

Freedom of Speech & Employment PUBLISHED JUNE 2019 Recently we have seen the spotlight squarely placed on the issue of freedom of speech in the context of employment.  The Israel Folau controversy has sparked a debate about whether he should be allowed to reproduce views or express his own, contrary to the views supported by […]

Franchising – Time For Fair Play

One of the more important priorities for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) with respect to the franchise industry is to ensure ‘fair play’ for small business.

Eating Disorders and The Law

Eating disorders have significant health and personal impacts on those living with the illness, as well as family and friends who provide care and support. Anorexia nervosa is characterised by a distorted view of body weight and shape. When combined with physical effects of starvation on the ability to reason, it can impact on a person’s capacity to make beneficial decisions about treatment. People with anorexia can become acutely unwell and may require urgent nutritional rehabilitation.

Government to Privatise LPI

The New South Wales Government has decided to privatise the Land and Property Information (LPI). This should be of concern to all citizens of New South Wales.