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KP Carmody & Co

                   Servicing Young & Harden districts for over 40 years

Solicitors & Attorneys

About Us

Established in 1976, KP Carmody & Co has focused on continuing the firm’s tradition of providing Young and Harden with quality legal advice.   We understand the needs of the local community and have established a relationship of trust within it.

We value every client and strive on professionalism, knowledge and experience to provide you with top quality legal expertise.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the firm or to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly staff.

Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice
Deceased Estates

Wills, Powers of Attorney 
& Appointment of Enduring Guardian

Family Provisions Claims
Probate &
Letters of Administration
Estate Planning

Rural, Residential & 
Commercial Property

Property Development, Subdivisions 
& Plan Consolidations
Intergenerational Transfers
Easements & Caveats
Water Access Licences
Rural, Retail & Commercial
Residential Leases & 
Tenancy Agreements
Building & Works Contracts
Personal Injury Claims
Division of Property & Assets
Litigation &
Dispute Resolution
Companies, Partnerships
& Trusts
Debt Recovery
Liquor & Gaming Licences
Small Claims
Civil Matters
Drink Driving, Drug Driving
& Other Driving Offences
Licence Suspension Appeals
Local Court Appeals
Local Court Matters